Thursday, May 29, 2008

We're Not Imagining This

I've been so busy with work and other things that when I take the time to think about the recent weather I second-guess myself as to whether I really remember what it's supposed to be like this time of year. After what seemed like an interminable winter with a record total snowfall I was more than ready for spring. Now that it's here it didn't seem like it was here enough!

It turns out I'm right.

There is a tool used by horticulturists called a growing degree day. A formula is used to arrive at a number that can be used to predict when plants and crops will bloom and set fruit and when insects will emerge, feed, etc. For the area where I live, the normal GDD from March 1-May 22 is 428. This year it stood at 283. Last year it was at 453 on that date. Also, compared to last year which was more normal, the GDD metric is a full two weeks behind what it was then. I'm starting to think this won't be a big year for growing my own tomatoes.

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