Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bison and Eggplant Gang Pet

Last night's dinner was a basic, green Thai curry called Gang Pet for meat we used some local bison and also added some little Thai eggplants. It was nicely hot.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


It's bitterly cold today so I made soup for lunch. No recipe. I just sweated down some aromatics, added a whomp of grated carrot, water, miso paste, green onion and edamame. While it was cooking I was thinking about food and how I lunch during the work week. Most days I go out to lunch. Sometimes I nuke one of the frozen entrees I keep in the break room freezer. On rare occasions I bring in leftovers from home or, even rarer, something I made specifically for lunch. I really want to start doing this more often. It's just about the best way I have for controlling what's in my food so I know what I'm eating.

The last time I brought in lunch it was the result of an experiment involving cooking rice with my home-made tomato chutney. One co-irker asked what it was so I briefly explained what chutney was and from which cuisine it came. The response was the "that's weird" face I get anytime I'm seen eating something other than pizza or a burger--recognizable foods. So today I was feeling a little uncharitable as I stirred my soup imagining explaining miso paste to someone. I don't think I'd bother.