Saturday, January 24, 2009


It's bitterly cold today so I made soup for lunch. No recipe. I just sweated down some aromatics, added a whomp of grated carrot, water, miso paste, green onion and edamame. While it was cooking I was thinking about food and how I lunch during the work week. Most days I go out to lunch. Sometimes I nuke one of the frozen entrees I keep in the break room freezer. On rare occasions I bring in leftovers from home or, even rarer, something I made specifically for lunch. I really want to start doing this more often. It's just about the best way I have for controlling what's in my food so I know what I'm eating.

The last time I brought in lunch it was the result of an experiment involving cooking rice with my home-made tomato chutney. One co-irker asked what it was so I briefly explained what chutney was and from which cuisine it came. The response was the "that's weird" face I get anytime I'm seen eating something other than pizza or a burger--recognizable foods. So today I was feeling a little uncharitable as I stirred my soup imagining explaining miso paste to someone. I don't think I'd bother.

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curiousceridwen said...

That looks tasty! My mom used to make "strange" things and I had to take the leftovers to school instead of buying the school lunch (now THERE'S strange food!) like the other kids. I got a "that's weird" face pretty often.