Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Drama Builds

As I mentioned back on the 14th, my Amorphophallus konjac has decided it't going to bloom before I can stick it and all it's putrid beauty outdoors. As of this moment it's gotten 20" inches taller, four of those inches in the last day. I'm scared.

5 Responses:

Dale Forbes said...

"drama" is a strong word...

I think you might be odorist and stinky flowers are also flowers and deserve to be treated equally. Just cos one flower smells like roses and another like spit (did I spell that right?), does not mean that it should be discriminated against!


D'Rimba said...

I love your blog so natural. Don't forget to see my blog too my dear.

Michigoose said...

Hmmm. Amor fo' phallus?? ; )

One of my husband's childhood neighbor's grew those things....kind of strange. I tried to grow a Bat flower once, but failed. Now, about the wierdest things I grow are Jack-in-the-pulpits.

Is it stinky? I never thought skunk cabbage was stinky. I keep on thinking of all the bulbo's you guys grow. ICK!

Sunita said...

Yes, and in the middle of the night it'll shoot in through the open window and in a blaze of flashing lights and nose-stinging odour, it'll be revealed in all its technicolour glory. Then it'll pound on the table and scream, "forget that mumbo-jumbo about taking me to your leader ... I AM your leader!"

er, you do have armoured doors and iron grills on your windows, dont you?

(sorry, I just couldn't resist! ;D )

Shady Character said...

OK, Sunita, that completely cracked me up. A good way to start what's going to be an arduous day!