Sunday, March 28, 2010

Garden Day 6

Yesterday I got back out to the garden again and spent a couple more hours weeding. At first I was attacking the weeds with my trowel and now I have my first blisters of the season to show for it. Then I finally figured out a technique for shoveling up a piece of earth and picking the weeds out of it. It turned out to be much faster. Now about 2/3 of the garden is practically weed free except for the paths. I intend to just cultivate them and bury them in newspaper and leaves.

I met some members of the family across the main path while we were working. The man, who I assume is the father of the toddler that was happily exploring their garden told me "It's a good neighborhood. Lots of children." I thought that was a nice way to think about it. By taking an abandoned plot I had joined a neighborhood. However, he warned me that lots of children meant I shouldn't expect too many strawberries if I grow them. "They're as bad as rabbits!"

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Michigoose said...

Shady, it occurs to me that perhaps what you need is a heavy duty tiller with fingers.... I love this. A. M. Leonard is right down the street from me. The other tools I can't live without is the garden knife (they have two, get the one with the orange handle as I continually lose my wooden handeled one) and the really sharp weeder which is a blade on an angle... Here's the tiller one though which is what you really need for the quack me.