Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cockail Hour: Ginger Vodka

When I buy ginger I buy more than I need, grate up the extra and freeze it for future cooking. Some time ago I read that most of a ginger root's flavor is in the layer just under the skin. Having had ginger vodka beverages at the pan-asian restaurant that used to be down the street, I decided to try infusing my own vodka with the peels of a large ginger root. After over a month of soaking I strained the result, stored it in a small jar and tonight I fashioned a martini with the result. It's nasty. It tastes like cheap cleaning products smell. If I ever try this again I'll throw the peel away and use the flesh of the root.

2 Responses:

Fast and Fabulous said...

Boohoo! What a waste of good vodka! After you told me about your efforts to make this last June, I turned to the strawberry patch. I made a great batch of ruby red strawberry vodka. Really very tasty. We tried it with blueberries too. The results was very colorful, but not so tasty. Next time you visit, I will give you at taste of the strawberry!

Shady Character said...

I'd love to taste your berry! :) Maybe when things slow down a bit in October/November we need to make a sojourn northward.

The trick to saving the vodka turned out to be making a Bolt-Thrower/Vesper type martini. the addition of gin didn't overwhelm the ginger flavor and actually seemed to enhance it. Strange but tastily true.