Monday, September 22, 2008

Pipit If You Dare

Sunday I managed to drag the co-conspirator along on another field trip, this time to Zeloski Marsh. I had visited the place on a similar field trip back in July when I saw two new species, among them the beloved Dickcissel. This time, much to my surprise, I was treated to six species I'd never seen before including the American Pipit! Until yesterday I had no clue what a Pipit is. Going to my Checklist of Wisconsin Birds it's alone in a category by itself. The guy who spotted it said it caught his eye because "it flew like a Pipit." OK. I am really quite grateful to the leaders of these trips and the participants who share their experience and knowledge with greenies like me.

I've decided that what I like about this pastime is that at this point there is still so much more to learn and see. The continual joy of discovery keeps me excited about the possibilites in my next trip out.

On the way home we stopped at a place to get some picnic food and then sat for a while at Camrock Park where some American Redstarts were working an adjacent tree. I showed them proper appreciation.

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