Saturday, July 19, 2008

Something In The Bushes!!

As I put the wheelbarrow away after some light gardening today I spotted this critter in the Euonymus fortuneii 'Vegeta' that is overgrowing the compost bins. It's the pupa of some lepidoptera, which one I have no idea. The black and tan fuzz just above its last shed skin, I presume. I'm going to show it to my entomological consultant and see if he has a notion of its identity.

2 Responses:

MothMark said...

Hey, Mark N.! I believe this is an example of the exotic, Lymantria dispar! (... & likely a female, based on size...) Check out
... or maybe a better photo at
... I'm hoping this is not a disappointment!

Shady Character said...

Oh no!!!! This is not disappointing, it's distressing! Time to start monitoring and seeing if we can get in the spray area next year.