Thursday, July 31, 2008

Finally! Pancakes!

Yaaaaaaay!! There's finally a solution for people who can't manage to mix Bisquick® and its required liquid additives to make pancake batter! Now Shake 'n' Pour™ relieves lazy and/or ignorant cooks from dirtying a bowl and spoon while allowing them to throw more fucking plastic into the waste stream. Thanks, Betty Crocker!

I couldn't believe it when I saw the commercial. No, scratch that. I totally believe it. Making cooking less and less about effort, quality and flavor is what the world's mass food purveyors is all about. Need proof? The above-mentioned commercial was alternated with a commercial for one of those "you bake it" stores that sells frozen bread dough, cinnamon rolls, pizza crust dough. Yay again! This stuff is expensive for you what you get. And what do you get? A house that smells like you know how to handle yeast whether you do or not and enough palm oil to slaughter an entire troop of orangutans.

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